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Prospective homebuyers in Toronto and around the GTA have more options than ever before to secure a great mortgage product. These options are also available for people who are renewing an existing mortgage or taking on a second mortgage. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer looking for the best possible Etobicoke mortgage or looking to renew your existing Richmond Hill mortgage, Toronto mortgage specialists can help you navigate the unknowns and have the most rewarding mortgage experience.
A mortgage specialist is someone who will guide you through the mortgage process. The most common types of mortgage specialists are mortgage advisors from banks and independent mortgage brokers. The mortgage specialist whom you choose can have a large impact on the types of mortgage products and options that are available to you.

Traditional Bank Mortgages

The traditional bank mortgage involves making an appointment with a mortgage advisor during the business hours of the bank. It can be very inconvenient for people with busy schedules and often means missing work in order to meet with the bank’s mortgage advisor.
A mortgage application is filled out and submitted for the bank to analyze and decide on the mortgage approval. The mortgage is either approved with a specific mortgage rate or declined. A pre-approval can also be completed before a home is found in many cases.
For people applying to multiple banks for a mortgage, multiple meetings and applications are necessary. There can be some competition between banks for mortgage rates, but it is generally limited. Banks traditionally have a limited number of mortgage products available. Self-employed people and new immigrants traditionally have trouble acquiring a mortgage from a bank because they do not fall into a traditional approval scenario.

Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers (also known as mortgage agents) are viable alternatives to traditional bank mortgages because of the connections that they have with a large number of different lenders (over 50 in some cases). A single mortgage application filled out for a mortgage broker can be used to generate a number of different options, including lower rates and favourable terms.
Access to different types of lenders allows mortgage brokers to help people secure mortgage financing in traditionally challenging situations. They are often able to successfully help self-employed people, new immigrants and people with credit problems get a mortgage even if they were turned away by a bank. The top mortgage agents take the time to get to know clients before providing impartial advice on the best mortgage products available for the unique situation.
For people looking to acquire a mortgage that incorporates a construction loan, a mortgage broker is often able to negotiate favourable terms for these specialized mortgages as well.
Have you received a mortgage renewal notice? You should never simply sign off on the rate that is provided. Speak to a mortgage broker and have different lenders compete for your mortgage renewal. This often results in significantly lower rates and savings.
There is a large number of Toronto mortgage specialists available to handle your mortgage business. Take control of your unique mortgage needs with a professional CAAMP designated mortgage broker today and enjoy all of the benefits they offer.


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